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Is The Secret about Selfish Materialism?

7 Free Lessons from the Teachers of The Secret

The Secret teaches you have to become rich. Is that our main goal in life? To be selfish consumers while other people are starving?


The point is, that as long as your own life is not fulfilled, as long as you’re not really satisfied with what you have, you are not as useful to others as you could be.

Let’s say your dream is to write a book that will inspire people to change their lives in a positive direction. But you never find time to write it, because you have to work long hours at a job you don’t like, to earn just a little less money than you actually need to pay your bills. And the spare moments you do have, you spend thinking about your unpaid bills and your disappointments and worries in life. When will you then be able to inspire all those people?

Listen to what Rev. Michael Beckwith has to say about it:

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