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5) The Law of Rhythm
April 6, 2008, 12:43 pm
Filed under: The 7 Universal Laws, The Secret

Rhythm affects you intellectually, emotionally and physically. This your bio-rhythm. Look at it as a wavy line that goes up and down, up and down. That’s the way your life goes!

Mentally, we can be on a high one day and the next day, at a low. You can be at a high mentally and a low physically. Although you’re very sharp, you’re tired. You could be at a low emotionally.

There are some days you want to skip down the street, sing with the birds, pat little kids on the head and help an old lady cross the street. Other days you are on a critical low … you don’t feel like skipping down the street, you don’t hear the birds singing, get the kid out of the way and let the old lady go by herself.

Rhythm controls how you feel. If you’re on a low swing, you’re on a low vibration. We have to understand that we’re never going to be on a low all the time and we’re never gonna be on a high all the time.

We have the ability to control our attitude … which is our thoughts, feelings and actions. So even though our bio-rhythm might be on a low swing, we can still have a great attitude and when we move into a higher swing, it’s gonna be even better!

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