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4) The Law of Polarity
April 6, 2008, 12:45 pm
Filed under: The 7 Universal Laws, The Secret

Now what have we touched on? The Laws of Transmutation, Relativity, Vibration, and now Polarity.

The Law of Polarity decrees that everything has a good and bad, a hot and cold, a front and back, a right and wrong. Everything is opposite.

If you were conducting a seminar and held up a book, on one cover appears “Think and Grow Rich” and the other cover has nothing on it. As you’re holding up that book, the blank cover is facing you and the front cover is toward the people you’re talking to. “I’m going to tell you there’s nothing on this book … am I right or wrong?” Your audience will say you’re wrong.

The truth is, you’re BOTH right … the side they are looking at has something on it … the side facing you has nothing on it. I point to the right side of the book, they call it the left.

Polarity has a lot to do with perception and perception is a mental faculty. Something is never all good or all bad … nothing is all ANYTHING until your thinking makes it so. If you will look for the good in any situation, you’re going to find it.

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