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6) The Law of Cause and Effect
April 6, 2008, 12:39 pm
Filed under: The 7 Universal Laws, The Secret

Emerson said this is the “Law of Laws” … whatever you sow, you reap. Action and reaction are equal and opposite. Energy returns to its source of origination. We want to understand this law, but most don’t.

We are raised to be good little “go-getters”. What does the Law say? It says, “Whatever you put out comes back”. We don’t have to worry about GETTING … we want to focus on GIVING.

Read “The Magnificent Obsession” by Lloyd C. Douglas. W. Clement Stone studied this book and built a business on it. In 1970 he was the wealthiest man in America. Phenomenal book! And what does the book tell you? It tells you to GIVE.

Give and don’t let anybody know you’ve given it.

The Law of Cause and Effect governs EVERYTHING. If we don’t like what’s coming into our lives, we’d better check to see what we’re sending out there.

Last but not least is the Law that everyone SHOULD understand but very few DO understand … it governs how long it’s going to take to reach your goals.


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