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1) The Law of Perpetual Transmutation
April 6, 2008, 12:49 pm
Filed under: The 7 Universal Laws, The Secret

Energy is FOREVER moving … into form … through form … and back into form. EXAMPLE: If you go outside with an empty drinking glass and wait long enough, that glass would fill up with water. You might ask, “Where does the water come from?”. It comes from the same place it goes TO.

If you look up into the sky on a clear day, there would be nothing there except sky. Then one day you’d look up and see a small, white puffy cloud formation, the cloud would turn very dark and heavy and it would begin to rain, filling up your glass. That is energy that is moving into form, through form and back into form.

When we build an image in our mind, the image we hold in our mind will materialize into results in our life! When you have a dream and you dedicate yourself to that dream, it will become reality. It is energy that is moving into form. Where does the energy come from? It flows to you and through you. It flows into your consciousness.

Anyone can think anything they want to think and there is NO ONE who can stop you from thinking what you want to think. By the same token, NO ONE can cause you to think about something you DON’T want to think about. We have the ability to think.

Every great leader as far back as you can go has been in complete and unanimous agreement: we become what we think about. And this is how: it is energy that moves into form.

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